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Alternator conversion kit with a 55 Amp alternator.
This Alternator kit is designed to replace the standard Dynamo / Generator with a good quality 55 Amp Alternator. Alternators are more efficient than Generators, as they charge at much lower RPMs and can provide a more consistent output than a Generator which can in turn help make your old VW that bit more reliable and dependable.
This Alternator kit also has the benefit of increased output of 55 Amps; perfect for running additional electrical components in your old VW such as stereos, phone chargers and upgraded lighting.
This kit contains all of the essential components and instructions that you will need in order to convert from 12V Generator / Dynamo to a brand new Alternator; allowing you to do a simple and straightforward conversion. 

Kit includes:

-    Alternator 55 Amp with Easy Access Regulator

-    Standard Alternator Pulley

-    Fan Belt 1200-1600cc 9.5x905mm

-    Alternator Strap 1200-1600cc

-    Alternator Stand Aluminium 1200-1600cc

-    Alternator 3 Piece Backing Plate Set Black 1200-1600cc

-    Wiring Kit up to 75 Amp Alternator Conversion

-    Instructions

Alternator Conversion Kit 55 Amp

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